Cosmic-Rugs Episode 15

Morning Listeners,

In this episode we have a special guest (he’s not that special), Tom Belot.  Tom and I discuss his lack of knowledge when it comes to sports, movies, and the name of our new spin-off podcast that will be airing in addition to Cosmic-Rugs. @cosmobelot @twbelot

Hope you all enjoy!


Cosmic-Rugs Episode 15


Cosmic-Rugs Episode 1

Evening everyone,

This is our first podcast and was completed while halfway across the country from one another.  In this edition, we discuss the 2015 NCAA Tournament, the Bachelor, things that make us angry, and bumper stickers.

Next week’s edition will come from the windy city of Chicago where we will have a special guest joining us.

We hope you all enjoy.

Cosmic and Rugs

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